Back in 2007, two avid sportsmen had a vision.  They wanted to be able to shoot large calibre rifles  and see consistent results.  At that time, there were not many suppliers of .408 or .50 cal bullets that produced product readily available in Canada.     

The desire for these bullets led to a dream, which became the Accurate Bullet Company.   We design and produce a high quality CNC machined bullet for consistent accuracy at extreme long ranges. 

We have added big bore solid game bullets - the .50 cal round nose and we have started production of a  swaged .50 cal lead core hollow point bullet. 


We are always looking to the future with the addition of new products and new designs, such as the addition of Swift Bullets and Cam Pro Bullets.     

Swift (trademark) hunting bullets, out of the US are designed to provide superior performance over a wide range of conditions.

Cam Pro is a Canadian based bullet manufacturer and a family owned business offering an array of copper plated, bulk reloading, lead-safe or sporting handgun bullets.

We are always interested in adding Canadian made products, so contact us if you have a product line that may be of interest to us.


Here at the Accurate Bullet Company, we wanted to build a bullet that offered the highest degree of accuracy and consistency, while shooting in all environmental conditions.  We feel that the bullets we supply support that vision. 

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